STEM is gaining traction in K-12 classrooms nationwide. However, the most needed hands-on activities are difficult for teachers to execute.

Are you struggling with this?

If so, that Science Fairy is here to help.

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STEM is learning by doing. Little kids are good at trying over and over. By giving them the opportunity to practice this trial and error, we can inspire a new generation of dreamers, doers, and thinkers.


“It is important that STEM is taught to children at an early age for many reasons! In fact STEAM is even more relevant. To me it’s most important as it is our next generation who will continue to introduce innovation and answers to our toughest questions! Additionally, the workforce in Colorado lacks highly skilled individuals in areas of technology.” – Aikta Marcoulier, SBDC


When inspiration takes hold in early learners, the impact lasts their lifetime.