List of Pre-K Standards (Math)

child's measurePreschool to Pre-K Math Standards Achieved

These are copied from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) Standards Booklet

Quantities can be represented and counted

⊕ Shapes can be observed in the world and described in relation to one another 2. Measurement is used to compare objects

 What do numbers tell us?

 Is there a biggest number?

 Counting helps people to determine how many such as how big a family is, how many pets there are, such as how many members in one’s family, how many mice on the picture book page, how many counting bears in the cup.

 People sort things to make sense of sets of things such as sorting pencils, toys, or clothes.

⊕ Numbers are used to count and order objects.

 Mathematicians reason abstractly and quantitatively

Mathematicians attend to precision.

List of Pre-K Standards (Math)

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