Don’t get down – A Poem

I ate entrepreneur pie and got a job. A good job, a childcare job
It had been 4 months since I had made my first dollars.
For a while the business felt no taller.
But am I grateful for the runway I’ve had
A runway is how much time/money you have to take off
Are you grateful for the runway you’ve had?
I feel guilty by the mellow pace on my journey.
The truth is I have so much patience on a runway where work is no definite.
 The process of starting a business gives pride, but equally rips it away.
I’ve faced three competitors just this week. It stops the desire to breathe.
In this world you can choose your actualized self in a world where that is too rare.
Then you remember your path, your gifts are blessed and unique. In God there is nothing to fear.
Don’t get down – A Poem

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