Starting a Project Box

The price is $60 for 2 projects. A box comes every other week. Previous boxes are picked up opposite every other week for restocking.

The first order of boxes has a refundable $40 damage deposit. The first invoice will, therefore, be $100.

Subsription Deliverables

  • Intro to membership guide
  • Project descriptions
  • Audio guide files for the project
  • Activity agendas
  • Materials packing lists
  • Diagrams
  • Links
  • some Videos
  • Extension ideas
  • CDE standards

Billing Process

  1. Reply with Name, Cell Number, Email, and Address
  2. Pay the emailed invoice by credit card in PayPal, Venmo, google pay, cash, or check.
  3. The base date for your deliveries will be arranged by text.
  4. Once payment is verified, the box is delivered.
  5. Emails with audio for each activity will be sent throughout the week.
  6. Restart for 2 more boxes or unsubsribe and be refunded the $40 damage deposit