What is that Science Fairy?

That Science Fairy was founded as a small business in 2016 to lead hands-on activities, specifically designed for the developmental level of 3 to 5-year-olds. Family childcares find that ages 2-8 benefit as well.

As COVID-19 social distancing progresses, schools are switching to online delivery and little kids are needing offline help and enrichment. Hands-on activities are the Science Fairy’s speciality the last 4 years. Let me deliver some of my garage to your doorstep.

Belief: Children ought to have joy and confidence with STEM and adults should have peace and hope in their child’s education

The Mission

We deliver rich STEM experiences to ages 2-8, thus propelling the innovative potential in the next generation (2017)

Sole Science Fairy, for now, meet Laura Weilert

I am trained as a Molecular Biologist and Pharmaceutical Chemist. The laboratory field takes much patience. Much patience is also required for little kids.

I’ve combined my experience, expertise, and passion to:

a) start a sustainable, social impact business

b) use my science and math background

c) use my passion for building skills and practical education for future generations.

I am a certified Early Childhood Teacher through the state of Colorado (2017) and a graduate of CU-Boulder in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology.