The Model

Kids in childcare across Colorado Springs over the last 4 years have loved a visit from that Science Fairy with her tub of STEM edutainment.

That Science Fairy is a one-woman, social impact business looking to improve representation and skills in Science Technology Engineering & Math at the earlier ages of 2-8.

COVID Special

Subscription boxes are available for onsite drop off to be lead by parent or by That Science Fairy as a kids zoom class.

Boxes are sanitized, restocked (for 4 learners), and recycled to another family with children 2-8 years old.

Box Explainer

Precautions Policy

As an educator I have be fully vaccinated (Moderna) since March 2021

I check my BBT temperature daily

As of August 6, 2021 I return to being fully masked during visits

Outbreak status will be checked prior to each visit

If there is more than one outbreak in a single month I will discontinue working at that childcare until public health numbers return to within acceptable recommendations